Chh - Records.


    -sistance ^ under their present grt Difficultys.

    ^ in Coun-

    Said Letter bore Date Sept. 27th last.


    Their Request was voted. Voted yt yre be Two

    Delegates __ Voted that Brr Baker (Edwd Esq.)

    be one.  Voted that Brr James Miller be

    the other.  The Time for ye Council to sit, yy

    propose to be Oct. 25.  The other Chhs sent

    to The Chh of Weston, Oxford, First in Sutton,

    Southboro, First & Second in Leicester.

    Nov. 6. Jonas, of Jonas & Persis Brigham, bapt.

    & Benj. Tainter was admitted into full Communion.

    __ 10. The Chh was Stoppd after LectƐ and

    First, Result of ye Council at Rutland read. &

    Letter fr

    Then, A Letter from ye first Chh in Lancaster


    (dated Lancaster Nov. 1. 1748:  Signd Joseph Wilder


    Josiah White, Hooker Osgood, Israel Houghton)

    of Mr

    requesting assistance in ye Installmt of ye Rev. Timothy


    Harrington, on ye 16th instant, read  &


    Voted Complyance wth ye request yrof.

    Voted ye No of Delegates to be Two.

    Voted Deacon Newton & Brr Miller to be the

    Delegates on this Occasion

    The Chh were dismissed wth ye Blessing. _____

    13.  The Lords Supper administred __


    & Mary, of Danl & Mary Forbush, bapt ___

    recalld the Vote of ye 10th last in wc Deacon

    Newton was appted Delegate & chose Edd

    Baker Esqr in his Stead.

    ___20. Susanna, of Saml & Susanna Baker, bapt.

    by Rev. Mr Bridge of Framingham.

    ___27. Jonathan Rogers & Anna his Wife ownd

    ye Covt &

    Jemima, of Timothy & Rebec. Warrin,

    Solomon, of Solomon & Patience Woods,