June 5

    Lecture the Church tarried after the blessing and

    heard a Letter from Brother Daniel Chamberlain sig

    nifying his acceptance of the Office of a Deacon to

    which he was chosen last Lecture.___ And he was

    accordingly declard to be a Deacon in this Church ___



    The Church met according to appointment by the Pastor

    Augst 24

    to hear a petition of a number of the Brethren (which

    see on file) requesting a certain Letter and papers

    (which see on file) might be laid before them which

    the Pastor had receivd from a Committee appoin

    ted by the Town ___ And if they think proper

    to act on such matters and subjects as the Pastor

    should then lay before them. ___

    After much desultory conversation the minds

    of the Brethren were taken to see if they wou

    ld assign the present time to carry into effect

    the agreement made ladt Winter between the

    Town and the Pastor. ___ It passd in the negative

    It was then Voted that a Committee of conference

    with the Pastor be appointed. ___

    Voted that the number should be five ___

    Voted that Brother Elijah Brigham Brother

    William Johnson Deacon Hawes Brother

    Joseph Harringt. Solomon Fay and Brother

    Joseph Harrington be the Committee. ___

    Then voted to adjourn the meeting to Monday

    September the Seventh at 2 oclock. P.M. ___

    Septbr 7

    The Church met on the adjournment of the last

    meeting and Voted to adjourn it still further

    for one hour. ___

    The same day the Church had a new meeting

    by appointment by the Pastor to act on the

    following Articles WViz


    1 To hear and act on the report of a Committee of

    conference appointed at the last meeting . ____

    2 To see if it is the mind of the Church to dismiss the

    Pastor from the work of the Gospel Ministry

    in this place. ___

    On the First Article of the notification the Chu

    rch Voted to accept the Report of the Committee

    of conference. ___ Which Report see on file ___

    On the second Article the Church Voted to dismiss

    the Pastor from the work of the Gospel Ministry

    in this place. ___

    Then chose a Committee of two __ Viz Deacon Cha

    mberlain and Brother Solomon Fay to wait on

    the select Men and request them to call a [erasure]