____Chh - Records.

    Decr 27. Joseph, of Levi & Susanna Brigham, bapt.


    Jan. 31.  Martha, of Ebenr Chamberlin &

    Gershom, of Gershom & Mary Brigham     bapt.


    March 7. The Sacrt of ye Lds Supper admind

    ______ 27. Phinehas, of Jonn junr & Joanna Forbush, Bapt.

    April 10. Elijah, of Stephen & Ruth Fay &


    Mercy, of Eleazr & Mercy Williams


    _____  17. The Lords Supper administred ____

    24. Phebe, of Charles & Phebe Woods, bapt.

    May 1. Joseph, of Joseph & Kath. Joslin, bapt.

    _____ 8. John Rogers & Elizabeth his Wife of=

    fered their humble Confessions of ye Sin of

    Fornication, and were restord __ the Latter

    ownd the Covt and, was baptizd her Self

    and then their Children Persis & John were

    also baptizd.

    ____ 22. Hezekiah, of Hezek. & Martha Tomlin

    Hannah, of Solomon & Anna Rice


    Sarah, of Joseph junr & Mary Green

    Content, of John & Mercy Chamberlin


    The Sacrt of ye Lords Supper had been admd ye same day.

    29. Lucy, of Phinehas & Prudence Hardy, bapt.

    June 5. Josiah, of Josiah & Ruhamah Newton, bapt.

    ___ 12. Samuel, of Bezaliel & Sarah Smith (of Shrewsb.) bapt.

    ___ 26. Elizabeth, of Francis & Abigl Whipple, bapt.


    July 3. The Lds Supper was administred__

    ____ 17. Abigail, of Cornelius & Eunice Cook, bapt__


    Aug. 14. The Lords Supper was administred.


    Oct. 2. The Lords Supper was administred.

    P.m. John, of Benj. & Martha Fay, bapt.

    Letter fr.

    And a Letter was read to ye Chh from the


    Chh of Christ in Rutland, requesting As-