___Chh - Records.__

    ^ four

    desiring or Assistce wth ^ other Chhs to sit in

    Council on ye 12th Instant.

    Voted Compliance with ye Request yrin

    Voted yt One Delegate go upon this Occa-

    ^ noted yt it

    sion __ [ two members desird it might be ^ “for


    Special Reason on this particular Occasion”]

    Voted, yt Brother Baker be ye Represen-

    ^ Brethn

    tative of ye Chh at ye proposd Council. ____

    The Chh were dismissd wth ye Blessing (as

    is ye Custom Constantly, whether it be recorded

    or no.) _____

    24.  David, of David & Lydia Batherick bapt.

    Decr 15. Stephen, of Benj. & Martha Fay bapt. by

    the Rev. Mr Hutchinson of Grafton.


    March 9. The Lords Supper was administred.

    _____ 16. Persis, of Moses and Persis Warrin bapt.

    Chh Meetg

    _____ 27. The Chh met upon ye Affair of

    to choose

    electing one or more Deacons. ______


    After opening ye Meeting by So-

    lemn prayer; & reading Acts 6. 1__7 and

    1 Tim. 3. 8__14. wc were ^ briefly Explaind, & ye Occasion

    origl Institution, the Work and ye Qualifns

    of Deacons, from thence briefly exhibited,

    the Chh Voted to proceed to ye Choice of

    a Deacon in ye room of ye late Deacon

    Newton, deceasd.  And (by written votes)

       Brr Nathl Whitney was chosen

    Then Voted to proceed to ye Choice of

    another Deacon ___ and (after several

    Tryals) it appeard that Brr Jonathan

    Bond was chosen.

    The meeting was adjournd to this

    Day fortnight, one p.m. ye same place.

    ___ were dismissd wth prayr & Blessing.