___Chh - Records.___


    yt one ^ a meeting was accly appted _ viz next Wednesday, at

    2 p.m.  at the Old Meeting House. __________

    =======May 7. The Chh met accg to appointmt and

    after Prayer the Chh were Exhorted to Consider

    With grt Seriousness, the follg Things ___

    First, Gods great Mercy to us in bringing

    us into a Chh State, and his glors patience and

    Goodness in Continuing us to this Day.

    Secondly, That we ought to bewail our

    unfaithfss. to God & to one another

    under our high & holy Character, & under

    our Sacred Obligations. _________ manifest in,

    1.)  Our Unfruitfss __ Deadness, Carnality

    & worldly-mindedness.