>: Anothr Letter from

    North Sutton read Oct. 1.

    Voted Complyance & yt ye

    Same Brn viz ye 2 Deacons

    be ye Delegates. Council to sit Oct. 3. NB The Chh was notifyd of it some time before & ye Letter read.


    __Chh Records _____

    the matter, it was put to Vote whether wt


    had been read was Satisfactory and yy were


    willing to restore him to their Charity ___


    It passd in ye Negative ___ for there


    was no vote, nor but one Hand lifted up.


    March 26. Daniel, of Danl & Martha Warrin,



    & Antipas, of Jonas & Persis Brigham bapt.


    April 30. Joseph, of Solomon & Patience Woods, bapt.


    May 28. Susanna, of Joseph & Sibyl Bruce,


    Mary, of Barachias & Zerviah Morse bapt.




    The Chh was stopd & I read a Letter from the


    at north

    2d Chh in Sutton Requesting a Council on June 13.



    Voted Compliance ___ yt yre be 2 Delegates ___


    That Deacon Tainter be one ___


    That Deacon Bond be ye other.



    June 11. The Lords Supper was administred.



    July 30. The Lds Supper was admind ___


    Aug. 20. Josiah, of Levi & Susanna Brigham, bapt.


    Sept. 10. Hannah, Wife of Ebr Miller,


    was admitted into full Communion. &



    The Lords Supper was administred.




    Oct. 15. Lydia (heretofore Bowman, now ye


    wife of Solomon) Matthews, was baptized


    & was admitted into full Communion wth ys Chh



    ___ 22. The Lords Supper was administred.


    ___ 29. Susanna, of Zebulun & Abigail Rice, } bapt.


    & Elizabeth, of Alpheus & Elizth Newton


    NB. The mother of this last had ownd ye Covt at


    Brookfield (of wc I had a Letter from Rev. Mr


    Parsons, & it was read ys Day to or Chh.) ___



    Nov. 12. A Letter from ye Chh in Southbo-


    at Southbo

    rough, desiring or Assistce in Council, read


    the time appointed is ye 28th instant.


    Voted Compliance ___ yt yre be 2 Delegates ___


    Voted Edward Baker Esq be ye first:


    Voted Brr Benj. Fay, be ye other.





    >March 12. The Lords Supper was admind



    >Apr. 23. The Lords Supper was admind