_Chh - Records.


    Jan. 8. Timothy, of Ebenr & Sarah

    Maynard, was baptized.

      ___15. Seth, of Barachias &Zerv. Morse,bapt.

    Feb. 5. Jonathan & Hannah Grout

    were admitted into Chh Fellowship.

    12. Jemima, wife of Constantine

    Hardy was admitted to ye Chh

    as was Martha How, after She had

    humbly confessd the Breach of the

    Seventh Commandmt and was restord to

    Charity. ___The Same Day,

    Jonathan, of Jonn & Hannah, Grout bapt.

    19. Susanna, of Martha How, bapt.

    March 11. Elizabeth Beals was ad-

    mitted into Chh Fellowship.  and


    The Lords Supper was administrd

    18. Martha, of Joseph & Martha Baker, bapt.

    April 8.  John Bowker & Tryphena

    his Wife, having ownd ye Covt at Leicester

    &c. as appeared by a Certificat, presented

    their young Child, wc was baptized -

    the Name Persis. &

    Nathl of James & Mary Bowman, bapt.

    ____13. The Chh met, by apptmt for se-

    veral Reasons ___ First, a Letter from Rev.

    Mr John Cleaveland of Chebacco was read

    ^ from ye Pas-

    togr with a Letter ^ wc occasioned it.


    __ Debates upon ye Affair wc was ye Subject

    matter of it __ But no vote was passd abt it.

    Secondly, Several Letters from one Mrs

    Hannah Child, requesting a Contribution

    __ but no one member encouragd it.

    Thirdly, mention was made of Mr Jonn

    Cook’s Desire of privilege __ wr as he belongs

    ^ a Vote was

    to anor Chh & is under Dealing there. ^

    passd yt there

    As ye Chh-Meeting was opend wth Prayer,

    shd be a con-

    so it was ended wth a prayer, & ye Blessing.

    tribution of

    ye Chh for better furnishing the Communion Table.