Chh Records

    Voted to adjourn the meeting a

    fortnight ie to ye Currunt

    2 oC PM at the meeting house then

    & there to hear the determination

    of Br Adams & his Wife Persis

    about joining in a mutual

    Council for the purpose of settling

    their difficulties as members of this Chh

    and what concerns tha the Chh in

    Relation to them _______

    And Act any thing thereon or

    Relative thereto, as the Chh

    shall find necessary or Expedient

    when Mett _________


    Augt 26 The Chh met according to

    adjournment for the purposes

    above mentioned. ___ the meeting

    opened by prayer by Revd Mr Sumner

    1st take into consideration the Reply

    of Br Adams to the proposal made

    him to join in calling a Mutual

    Council. which came in writing

    (he not present) and signified that

    1 –   he expected matters would be stated