Church Records  ___


    Octr 20th the Chh met according to Appoint-

    -ment. The Meeting was Opened by Prayr

    by Revd Mr Sumner. The Business Various-

    1 Voted to pass ovr the first Article viz whetr

    any future Minister shall have the

    Power of Negative ____

    2 Voted that those persons now in

    Covenant and not as yet come to

    full communion be called on and

    treated with for their neglect of Duty

    3- And that the Chh be resolved into

    a committee for that purpose ____

    25 present

    14 carry the Vote. so declared ____

    4 Voted to discontinue the Mode of this

    Chh in Admitting Persons ^ to ye Priviledge

    of Dedicating their Children in

    Baptism. that are not in full com-

    -munion. or do not come to the

    other Ordinance viz ye Supper