__Chh- Records._

    desiring Assistance in ye Ordination

    of Mr Peter Whitney ___

    Voted Compliance with yeir Request.

    Voted to send two Delegates.

    Voted that Deacon Bond be one.

    Voted that Deacon Wood be ye other.

    With the Blessing the Chh were dismiss’d


    NB. The Lords Supper had been adminis

    tred this Day.

    Nov. 1. Joseph & Ruth Harrington

    were admitted into Chh Fellowship.

    _____ 8. Lucy, of Joseph & Ruth Har-

    rington, was baptized.

    ___29. Hannah, of Jos. & Ruth Harrington, bapt.

    Decr 6. Eli Whitney & Elizabeth

    his Wife, were admitted into ye Chh


    ____ The Lords Supper was adminis-

    tred. ____And Joel, of Francis junr &

    Priscilla Whipple, was baptized.

    13. The Chh was detaind, wn a petition

    signd by Twenty one Members, requesting

    a Chh Meeting, to reconsider ye votes passd

    about Mrs Andrews, was Communicated ___

    (It was sdated Oct. 28.  but was not offerd

    till Decr  9th). In complyance wth it, a Chh

    Meeting was appointed to be on ye 16th

    as one o’Clock p.m.

    16. The Chh met as appted & after

    Prayr ye Petition was again read and

    ye Report of ye Comtee therein referd to as

    Voted by ye Chh.  The Matter being debated,

    the following vote was prepard & read over

    at least three times, -__ viz.

    Whether ye Chh does now, upon Condition

    yt Mrs Andrews’ Resigning ye Copys she has

    in her possessn thereof, Reconsider & Disan-

    null the Votes wc were passd by this Chh Con-

    cerning her on May 19 & June 2d past.

    It passd in ye Affirmative.