Chh Records  ______215____

    After conversing on other Matters __ &

    that especially relative to Settling a

    Minister ______

    1 Voted to have a day of Fasting &

    Prayer - as preparetory to giving

    some Candidate a call to settle in

    the work of ye Ministry ______

    2  Voted the Fast be next Thursday Sin

    _ _ ight-(the Usual Services be at the Usual

    Time of Day__)

    3  Voted to send and desire the Assistance

    of five Chhs ______

    Revd Mr Sumner of Shrewsbury

    Mr Grosvenor of Grafton

    Mr Fish

    of Upton

    Mr Fitch of Hopkinston

    Mr Whitney Northboro ____

    4. Voted to desire the Congregation to join

    this Chh in calling a Fast. for ye Above

    purpose _______

    Then Voted to Dessolve this Meeting