3 Voted their be a Committee to

    wait on the Selectmen to Acquaint

    them with the Chh’ Proceeding _ and

    Request that there be a meeting calld

    to see whether the Town will Concur

    with the Chh in giving Mr Adoniram

    Judson a call to settle with them in

    the ministry.  _______


    that the Committee consist of Three

    Br James Hawes

    Elijah Brigham

    Eli Whitney ____

    4ly that the meeting be Dissolved


    April 4. Lords Supper was administred.

    and Ebenezer, of Seth & Lydia Morse

    James. of Jona & Abigail Batherick

    Sarah. of Caleb &Sarah Harrington

    were all Baptized by Revd Mr

    Emons of Franklin ______