Chh- Records.__

    Town in ye Jersies: who had been driv-

    en out of his possessns by ye Regulars.


    The Sum collected was ^ in LM £

    wc may G. accompany with His Blessg! __

    and pity ye poor man & his Family that

    they may Supported & comforted!


    June 15. The Sact of ye Lds Suppr admd

    & Hannah, of Paul & Hanh Biglow bapt.

    July 6. Elisha, of Stephen &

    Cook, bapt.

    ____ 20. Submitt, of Solomon & Mary Miller,

    Josiah, of Noah & Hannah Hardy, &

    Holland, of Jonn & Sarah Forbes, bapt.


    __27. The Lds Supper administrd

    Aug. the 3d Anna, of Isaac & Anna Davis, baptd


    Sept. 7. The Lds Supper admind __ &

    John, of Jonn & Abigail Batherick, bapt.

    ___ 21. Bulah Gale ownd ye Covt

    Thomas, of Thomas & Lydia Bond &

    Abigail, of Bulah Gale, were bapt.


    Oct. 19. The Lds Supper was admind


    Nov. 30. The Lds Supper was admind

    Dec. 7. Prudence, of Jemima, Hardy,

    & Joshua, of Danl & Lydia, Chamberlain


    were baptized.

    _Feb. 15. Anna-Sophia Parkman was

    admitted into full communion wth this Chh

    __ Rachel of John & Mary Piper, bapt.


    March 22. The Lds Supper admind

    & Lucy, of James & Mary Godfry bapt.

    Apr. 19. Was communicated to ye

    Chh a Letter from ye Chh of Marl-

    boro requesting our Presence