and their great Distance from the

    Place of Publick Worship __ To wch

    add ye Low, distress’d & Dangerous

    Circumstances of Mrs McColaster;

    all which render it extreamly Diffi-

    :cult to bring the Children forth -

    ^ I was excit-

       From which Considerations ^ pro=

    :ed to

    :pose, and appoint yt tomorrow at

    ^ wth Div: P

    Ten of ye Clock I would ^ repair to


    the House of our Brother McColaster

    to Baptize his Children There,

    requesting that So many of ye Chh

    & Congregation as can attend it, prin

    :cipally ye Deacons of the Chh, would

    meet me there, that there may be Suf-

    :ficient Witnesses, and orderly solemni-

    :ty in the Ce^le bration and administra-

    :tion of that Ordinance, wc I design,

    in ye Fear of God, there to undertake.

    ________ 19. According to Yesterday’s

    Appointmt I went over to John McCo=

    :laster’s to Baptize his Children.

    We began the Exercise with Prayer; ___

    Then proceeded to a Brief Dissertation concerning

    ye Grounds upon which we were met together and

    ye Defensibleness of ye undertaking.__ After wch

    we prayd & administered Baptism to

      Mary & Hannah, Daûters of John &

    Jennet McColaster__ After a Third Prayer

    we sang prt of a Psalm, & the Blessing was

    pronounced. There were half a Score of ye

    ^ among wch ye

    Chh, present, or more^; And above that number


    of others: besides those who belonged to ye House.

    In all nigh Thirty Persons. ___

    ____ 25.