to ye Chh: which being done the Meeting Con

    =cluded with Prayer & ye Blessing. ____

    Oct. 11.  Jesse Maynard & Phebe his wife

    Jonas Bradish and Phinehas Forbush (Two

    Youths) ownd the Covt __ and

    Reuben, of Eleazer & Ruhamah Pratt,

    Samuel & Lois, of Jesse & Phebe Maynard


    Joanna (wife of Jonathan junr) Forbush &

    Mary Graves were admitted into ye Chh.

    18. Eleazer & Hannah Beeman were admitted.

    The Lords Supper was administred. &


    Pm. Jotham Maynard & Abiel his wife ownd the

    Covt and Jotham their son was baptized. ________

    __ 25. Thomas & Sarah Bruce dismissed,

    being removd to Bolton.

    Nov. 1. A Letter from Bolton requesting

    Assistance in yeir designd Ordination of Mr

    Ordn at

    Thomas Goss, read ___  and


    1. Voted a Compliance wth Said Request.

    2. Voted That Deacon Forbush be one of the

    Chh’s Delegates upon this Occasion.

    3. Voted that Brr ^ Whipple be the other.____

    ^ (Jonn)

    8. Hannah (daûter of David) Mainard

    was admitted into Chh Fellowship; as

    were also Joseph Thurston, dismissd from

    Medfield; Dorothy his wife, dismissd from Marl

    :borough; Damaris, wife of James Bradish

    dismissd from the same; and Mary Patch (now

    marryd to Deacon Tomlin) dismissd from


    22. Richard & Elizth Barns confessd

    the sin of Fornication, were restord, ownd ye

    Covt & their Dauter Anna was baptizd.