The Same Day Hannah ye wife of

    Thomas Forbush junr was admitted

    into our Communion. _________



    Jan: 7. I detained the Brethren of ye

    Chh to receive the Answers of those per

    :sons the Chh had elected to be Deacons

    thereof.  I accordingly proceeded to Desire ym

    ^wt yy had

    to Deliver ^ [------] to ye Chh. Mr Fay said yt

    to offer

    “If the Brethren of ye Chh had Chosen him to be

    a Deacon he accepted of it & would Serve ym

    Notwithstanding if the Chh had seen meet to meet

    pitch upon some other person he should have been

    heartily Glad.”__  Mr Tomlin spake to ys purpose

    “That This Chh having elected him, he was not


    against Serving ym in the office, for he saw ^ pro-

    :vidence brought him into it.  [But he added]

    Without the Brethren wd drop him” ___  (for he had

    much Sollicited to be releas’d) __ I Then appoint

    :ed ye 11th Day to be a Chh meeting upon ye matter

    of introducing them into their office. ______

    4th Chh meet

    11. The Chh gathered together & We were


    Entertained with a Discourse touching ye me

    :thod and manner of introducing Deacons

    into their office: from Acts 6, 6.  Which Dis-

    :course having been heard, The matter was

    Left to ye Chh’s Consideration, wt method we


    Should take. The Deacons ^ in ye Mean time

    were requested to take ye care of the Business as

    yy had hitherto done.__ Mr Tomlin made some

    opposition Agst a formal ordination tho he was

    not ^un willing to Serve ye Chh, as it was usuall and

    Customary in some other Chhs about us.___ But

    Mr Fay chose to take ye matter into maturer Thought

    and requested his Brother Tomlin to do ye Like.__

    As we opend ye Meeting with Prayer we closed it yrwth __

    21.  Nathaniel Whitney & Mary

    his Wife, & Thomas Bruce were ad

    :mitted into our Fellowship. _____

             28.  Hezekiah Tomlin was bap-

    :tized and admitted into our Fellow



    Feb: 4. The Sacramt of the Lords Sup-

    .per was celebrated.

    March 10.  Timothy, Son of Josiah &

    Elizabeth Newton was baptized. ____