__Chh - Records.___


    Aug. 18. Lydia, of Saml & Sarah Thurston, bapt.

    ____22. The Chh Met.

    The Meeting was opend by Prayr

    Chh meetg

    The Bus’ness of ye Meeting was de-

    clard. viz. to consider Brr Adams’ Re-

    quest of Dismission & Recomendation to ye Chh of

    Hopkn and his Wife’s Paper of Complaint

    against him. NB. Mrs Adams was pre-

    sent: but the man was not, till some while,

    but a Letter

    When he did come, he tarried not; but as

    of his, of ye

    soon as it was known, he arose and

    17 inst.

    uttering a few words, of hope yt we wd

    was read.

    do justice, he hurried away out; agst

    all Endeavrs to detain him; & altho

    it was his own Affair which we were

    met upon^.___ This Conduct was surpriz-

    ^ yet he

    ing and very disorderly.


    __Voted to go on; & not with standing

    not stay.

    to read Mrs Adams’s Evidences ___

    Viz. Miss Abigail Graves, Mrs Dinah

    Bond, Mrs Sarah Grout, Mrs Elizth

    Adams, & Mr John Tidd.

    Voted Adjournmt to the 23d [---] day from ye appt

    [---] [---] [----] [--------], of Sept ^ [---] [-----] [-------]

    by div. Leave).__ Voted that, at ye Same

    ^ next, at

    2 p.m. this

    time that our Brother Adams is in-


    formd of the adjournt ^ he be there-

    ^ & re-

    -with Rebuk’d for his Disorderliness

    quird to

    in breaking away from the Meetg


    without Leave; & in such manner


    as to cast contempt upon ye Chh.