admonition which the Church made for

    him January 1__ 1787 therefore Voted to ad

    journ the meeting still further to Lords

    Day after next.___ And that the Pastor be

    requested to examine the Church records

    to see if any evidence can be obtaind that

    Brother Daniel Adams was ever furnishd

    with a copy of the aforesaid admonition

    Decr 19

    The Church tarried after the blessing agree

    able to adjournment and the Pastor in con

    formity with their request compleatly

    satisfied the Brethren from the Church

    records that Brother Daniel Adams had

    been April 7 _ 1796 regularly sirved

    with a copy of the admonition which the

    Church had made out for him January 1

    1887 1787: Wherefore Voted. _____

    1 To send Brother Daniel Adams another copy

    of the admonition which the Church m

    ade out for him January 1_ 1787 (supp

    osing that in his unsettled moving circu

    mstances he had mislaid and finally

    lost it, and therefore had forgot the con

    tents of it): and also a form of copy of the

    form of consession which the Church

    made out some years since: and then inf

    orm him that if he will come forward

    and sign the confession in the course of one

    year from the date of the Letter that then

    the Church will restore him to his former

    standing.____ But if not then the Church

    will consider him as being excommunica

    ted, and cast out of, and cut off from our

    communion and fellowship. _______

    2 Voted that the Pastor be requested to

    make out the copies, and  prepare a

    Letter according to the import of the

    preceding Vote.

    ____  __



    The Church tarried after the blessing and

    Febry 9

    attended to a Letter, an Admonition, and the

    form of a confession which the Pastor by dis

    ire of the Church had previously prepard to be

    sent to Brother Daniel Adams___ Then Voted. _