_Chh – Records.


    Feb. 27. The Chh met by adjt  ___

    Chh Meetg

    The Meeting was opend by Prayer.

    Upon ye Affair of Mr. Saml Fay,

    Report was made, that ye Pastor & two

    Brethren went to Brr Fay’s: but he was

    from home, & tho waited for, did not come

    [NB. No previous Notice was Sent, because

    it was designd only as a Personal Visit.]

    The Chh voted to Send anor Commtee

    to Brr Saml Fay to acquaint him yt

    the Ansr which he returnd by ye former

    Commtee as the Reason why he absented

    himself from ye public Worhsip & ye Ad-

    ministration of ye Special Ordces was

    not Satisfactory; and that if he could

    give no other Satisfaction to ye Chh

    they must be obligd to proceed to admo-

    nish him.

    That the No be three.

    That Capt. Brigham __ Brr Belknap, and

    Capt. Benj. Fay, be the persons.

    == The Petition of ye Eleven was read

    again. The Pastor, for various Reasons

    requested it might be dropt. Sundry

    members desird it might be dismissd.

    but it cd not be obtaind ___

    A proposal was made by one of ye prin-

    cipal of ye Petitioners yt ye End & Design

    of it might be Endeavourd without any

    reference to ye Convention-Piece, or Assocn

    namely, by way of Resolves __

    === A Request of Mrs Susanna Harrington

    (wife of Eli) to be admitted to or Communn

    as a member of ye Chh in Bolton of wch

    Rev. Mr Walley is Pastor __ when this

    Request was movd to the ^ Pastor acquaint-

    ^ Bre-

    ed ye Chh that if he administerd to her,