Chh Records



    then proceeded to hear what Benja

    Warren had to Offer for the sin

    of profane swearing to this Chh

    for their Satesfaction & his peace

    which is as follows viz ___ I confess

    that I have wickedly transgressed a

    Righteous Law of God by profaning

    his Holy Name, & given just Occasion

    of Offence to my Christian Brethren

    and do now humble myself before

    God whom I have Offended and

    ask the forgiveness. of God __ and this

    Chh and prayers for me that I no

    more behave so unexemplaryly

    & Reproachfully __ Benja Warren

    he ordered his name to be inserted

    on which the Chh Voted their

    Satisfaction & Charity  ______

    Then the Chh Meeling was Dissolved

    Octr16. Lord Supper ^was Amenestred by Rd Sanford.

    & Phinehas Gleason, Rhah Reahamah

    Frost. Wife of Thos Frost. Antipas

    Brigham & his Hepzibah his Wife

    were admitted to full communion with

    the Chh