June 9  1741. The Following Young Women

    met at my House to conferr with me, & receive

    Instructions, respecting a Catechetical Exercise,

    which (besides that which I had kept up for

    Children) they were willing to attend upon

    Scil: Mary Bradish, Patience Forbush Mary Greaves,

    Thankf. Newton, Susanna Tainter, Sarah Tainter,

    Lydia Harrington, Sarah Bellows, Mary Newton,

    and Mary Parkman

    These Consented to prepare ymS. to Say Three Ansrs of

    ye Westmins. Assembly Catechism wth ye Proofs; and

    to wait upon an Exposition

    The First Exercise to be on ye 15th Instant.


    June 15. was ye First Catechetical Exercise: &

    there were added to ye abovenamed Young Psons

    Jerusha Ward, Bulah Warrin, Susanna Grout,

    Mehitabel Grout, Lydia Hardy, Hannah Forbush,

    Dorothy Williams, Eliza Newton, Anna Rice,

    Hannah Maynard, Marcy Maynd Zerviah Rice,

    Martha Coburn, Ruth Hicks. ___


    July 13, were added

    Miriam Fisk, Sarah Shattuck, Rebecca Hicks,

    Ruth Bradish, Mellisent Rice, Eliz. Chamberlain.