_Chh - Records__

    Midwife, Mrs Forbush; __  After all, the

    Chh cd not be ready as yet to Vote ___ were yrf.

    adjournd again to Thursday next, after

    ye LectƐ  __ but before adjournd, a vote

    passed yt Anna Bradish (wo was propound-

    ed last Lords day sennight) might be

    admitted into ye Chh next Thursday, in

    stead of next Lords Day, tho it be otherwise

    than our common Custom; by reason of the

    Shortness of the Days: that is, if ye Chh be then

    Satisfyd with respect to her Qualifications.

    Wth prayer & the Blessing, this meeting concluded.___

    __ Nov. 22. was LectƐ Day. ^ Rev. Mr Cushing preachd:

    It being Stormy few members present. The

    Pastor ^was kept at home by Lameness. Anna Bra-

    dish’s admission was put off till next Lords Day.

    The Chh meeting also was adjournd to next Mon-

    ^2 o’Clock

    day come sennight ^ Rev. Cushing mentiond


    these at ye Desire of ye Pastor.

    25. Anna Bradish was admitted into

    Chh- Fellowship and


    The Lords Supper was administred.

    Decr 2. Hannah, of David jr & Ann Maynd &

    Nathan, of Benj. & Martha Fay, baptizd

    _____ 3. The Chh Met according to the Ad-

    journmt   and after Prayer & Conference togr

    The following vote was put ^


    ^[------] willing [---] [---]Robt Cook and his wife

    “If you are willing that Robt Cook & his Wife

    Should enjoy the Special privileges of the Gospel

    in this Chh without an acknowledgmt  please

    to manifest it by lifting up your Hands”.

        But not one Hand was lifted up. __

    After prayer & Blessing the meeting ended.


    March 3.  Hannah Forbush junr Daûtr

    of Deacon Jonn Forbush, was admitted into


    full Communion. & ye Lords Supper administred.

    __ Nahum, of Simon jr & Mary Tainter, baptizd.