__Chh Records.__

    writers of ye Congregational way,


    concerning this important point.

    Our excellent platform of Chh Disci-

    pline, Ch.10. & 11. The ansr of ye Synod of

    ^ See Dr Good-

    1662, ^ Venble Mr Cotton of the Keys _ wc the

    win & Nye’s

    venerable Higginson & Hubbard cite in ye

    Pref. to Cot.

    Appendix to their Testimony, & wc is in-

    of ye Keyes

    serted in Mr Wise on Chh Govt asserting

    P. 7.&8.

    the Elders Negative.  Read also Dr. Cot-

    ton Mathers Magnalia, B.V. p. 20. and

    especially see his publication of ye 30

    Cases, p. 36. 37. (wc may be Seen likewise

    among the propositions in Magnalia,

    p. 45. 46.)  The Pastor therefore, pro-

    fessing himself Congregational, &

    ^ at first

    this Chh having been ^ settled upon that

    plan, & hitherto continued (now fifty

    years) a Congregational Chh, agree-

    able to ye Sacred Scriptures, the Chh-

    ^ for ye Substce

    Covt the Platform aforesaid ^ the othr

    of it,

    writings of ye worthy Fathers wo com-

    piled it, with those also wo have writ

    since in Defence of it; and ye general

    Practice in these Chhs, __ did not Consent

    to the Vote; but insisted, that, in Con-

    formity to or B. Lord & Savrs Mind and

    Direction, there must be in Chh Acts,

    ^ that is,

    an Agreemt ^ of both the Elders & the

    Fraternity. For this he says Expressly

    in Mat. 18, “What soever ye shall bind

    on Earth” &c.  and then immediately fol-

    low ye words in ye 19th X, if you shall

    Agree on Earth __ “if you shall agree

    on Earth” &c.  Hence renownd Expositers

    say, “Quod litigat, non ligat.” _____


    Voted, that this meeting be dissolved ___

    ___ Conclude wth Prayr & ye Blessing. [------] [----]