_Chh - Records._


    Chh. The same Day ye Lords Supper was administred.

    ===P.m. Martha, of Jonas & Persis Brigham was baptizd.

    Chh Meeting,

    Aug. 17. 1747. The Chh met on ye Acct of Brr

    for Mr James

    James Fay, who attempted to communicate yesterday,


    but Several Members were dissatisfyd wth it, (&

    Deacon Newton was so uneasy yt he went out,

    till Mr Fay was desird to withdraw; wch upon

    his doing ye Deacon returnd) – Mr Fay also

    desird to be dismissd to ye Chh in Hardwick __

    After debating upon ye Affair,

    “  Brr James Fay acknowledgd, he does charge

    himself wth Blame for his going to the Separate

    Meeting in Grafton in ye manner he had done,

    and that he is sorry therefor; and declard he

    wd by no means do any thing yt shd encourage

    or strengthen those who were in such an Erro-

    neous way as he apprehended them to

    be in, in particularly yeir Separating from

    that Chh of Cht, & ye other Chhs of Cht in

    the Land, and the standing ministry yrof.”

    Signd James Fay.

    After this, Brother Fay having askd the

    Chhs Forgivness, they accordingly voted it,

    and his Dismission also was voted, & that

    he Shd be recommended to said Chh of Hardwk

    The like Vote passd respecting Lydia his Wife.

    And respecting or Brother Daniel Stone

    & Mary his Wife.

       As ye Meeting began wth prayer, so it ended wth

    Prayer & Blessing. ____

    ====23. Nathan, of Hezekiah & Rachel Pratt was

    baptizd by ye Rev. Thaddeus Maccarty.

    Letter from

    Sept. 20. The Chh was Stopd after Exercise,

    ye 2d Chh

    & a Letter from ye Second Chh in Sutton

    in Sutton.

    was Communicated, containing a Request