____Chh- Records.

    After debating, reading sundry Letters, &c. the

    following vote passd, viz.

    “That there be something drawn up by a Commtee

    of this Chh wc ye Chh might act upon, where-

    by Mrs Andrews may be admitted to transient

    Communion with this Chh, under her present

    Situation; and yet so as that it Should not

    be lookd upon, as if this Chh did hold

    Communion with the Society or Chh, of wc

    she is a Member; but bears Testimony

    against the Disorders complaind of among


    Vot. Aff.

    Then a Commtee of five Brethren was chose.

    Viz. Brr John Cushing,

    Brr Francis Whipple

    Deacon Bond

    Brr Danl Forbes

    Brr Levi Brigham

    After ^a vote for adjournmt to this Day fortnight, at

    ^ & yt ye

    2 o’clock, p.m ^ This Meetg concluded wth

    Chh might

    prayr & Blessg ___

    then elect

    May 31.  Elisha, of Elijah & Prud. Rice,

    anor Dea-

    & Martha of Elijah & Martha Hardy, bapt.


    And Hannah, wife of Paul, Biglow

    was admitted into full Communion.  As was

    Benj. Wood; being dismissd from Hop-

    kinton to us.

    June 2. The Chh met according to

    adjournmt   After Prayr the Report of

    the Comtee appointed as above, was read.

    read repeatedly: & Some amendmts being

    made in it, it was voted by ye Brethrn

    & as all Circumstces were, ye Pastor gave


    Then ye Chh elected a

    + See the Report itself.