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    of diverse Administrations.



    The Celebration

    of the


    Dearly Beloved in or Lord Jesus Christ,

    Our most mercifull God & Compassio

    =nate Father knowing our infirmity, how

    prone we are to forget him, and ye Love He

    has manifested to us in ye bitter Sufferings

    of his Son for us; how destitute of Spiritual Life

    we are in our Selves; how weak our Graces, hath

    in his infinite Wisdom & abundant Goodness

    to us instituted visible Signs of Communion

    with us & commanded us in a pure heart, un

    :feignedly to come up thereunto.


    Our Lord Jesus Christ that Same

    1 Cor: xi,23,

    night in which he was betrayed took Bread


    And having Separated it from a Common, to an

    extraordinary, a Spiritual and Sacramentall He

    bless’d it. ___ Agreeable to the Institution, Command

    and Example of Christ  This Element [laying ye hand

    upon ye Bread or taking up ye Platter in which it is plac’d]

    otherwise ordinary & common is to be Separated to

    an holy use and sanctifyed to the holy Ends & purpo

    =ses of it by the words of institution and Prayer.

    1 Tim: iv, 5.

    Let us Pray.

    # # # # # # # # # # #.

    When Our Lord had bless’d the Bread, he broke it.__

    [proceeding to the Breaking Say] And now the