Choice, nor interposd in ye matter of determing

    ye way, but had only (in his own Office) ap

    :pointed ye Person to Read & set ye Psalm

    & ye Tune yt should be sung; upon all those

    considerations, yt Apprehension of Mr Forbush,

    was to be thought Groundless. It was wth

    al Signifyd to ye Chh yt ye abovesd Meeting

    of ye Town upon yt article of ye Divine worship

    was being irregular, (if not to be punctually

    declard sinfull) all such Chh members as had

    directly an hand in it were reproofworthy (&

    were yrby reprovd for it) ____  After this

    It was again offerd to ye Chh by ye Pastor, yt if

    yre was (after wt had been said) any uneasiness

    (particly directed to Mr Forbush) it was desird

    ^ at all

    to be manifested __ none ^ being manifested,

    a Brief Exhortn to Love & unity followd ___

    & wn somewt had been intimated touching ye

    ^ as yet

    noncompletion ^ of ye Contribution for Comn vessels

    (voted sometime since) & its being ye Reason why

    ^ to

    an acct had not been delivd ^ ye Chh of yt Affair;

    ^ it had been

    & Last of all wn ye Pastor had informd yt ^ by

    means of his long indisposition yt ye Question

    concerning ye Ordination of Deacons had not

    been discussd __ ye Meeting was concluded wth

    Prayer & ye Benediction. _______________________

    NB. Brr Thos Forb. mentiond a matter in ye Chh, wrin he

    ^ Forb.

    accusd his Brr Jonn ^ & acc Brr Tainter wth False speakg

    but inasmuch as it was not orderly brought into ye Chh (no

    intimation having been made either to those Brethren

    or to ye Pastor about it) an utter stop was put to it, and the

    ^ (by Brr Th. F.)

    offer of it ^ declard to be unseasonable.


    Feb: 28. The Lord supper was administred to us;

    Care being first taken touching ye Conduct of Brr

    Thos Forbes at ye last Chh Meeting. The said

    Forbes requested ye Pastor to acquaint ye Chh

    ^ namely he &

    that they ^ had made up yeir Difference and

    his Brethren abovesd (for note, yt it was rather a misunderstanding were

    & difference of Judgmt yn any falsehood on one side or t’other)