Mr Saml Fay to be considd __ ^ But we first of all were

    ^ ye considn of

    led into ^ this Latter article, by means of a Debate

    which aroseabout, whether the Chh had voted, or had any way

    Shewn their acceptedance of the Return which the Comtee to Mr

    Fay, of wc Deacon Newton was a member made to ye Chh ___ so

    much Time was taken up that we were necessitated

    to adjourn to this Day sennight ___


    ___15. The Lords Supper was Administred

    Chh: meeting

    ___19. The Chh came together by adjournmt

    by adjournmt

    The First Affair was the Request of the

    Deacons that the Chh would give them yeir

    minds about the Disposal of the Fragments

    of the Elemts after ye Administration

    of ye Lords Supper and in Ansr thereto

    the Chh Voted Unanimously yt they would

    leave it to the Prudence & Fidelity of ye Deacons.

    The Second Article was that of ye Vessels for the

    Communion Table; and Thereupon Voted

    That Two Tankards of the Middle Size be added to

    the Number of those Vessels.

    The other Articles were wav’d and the Meeting

    was adjournd to This Day Fortnight, with submis:

    :sion to Divine Providence.

    Chh meeting

    Nov. 2. The Chh met according to Adjournmt

    & adjt

    Mr Saml Fay had been notifyed of the Meeting

    and the Busness of it & was desired to Attend

    or Communicate his mind or Reasons to the

    Chh, but he neither came nor sent.

    After various Debates the Chh came into ye

    following Vote


    That Mr Saml Fay hath So offended this

    Chh as that they desire yt in Case he should

    offer himself to special Ordces among us by

    vertue of ye Communion of Chhs as heretofore

    he was wont, the Pastor of this Chh debarr