Chh – Records.


    Dec. 1. The Lds Supper was administd


    Jan. 26. 1766. Hannah, of Joseph


    & Martha Baker, was baptizd.

    Feb. 2. Prudence, of Elijah & Prudce Rice, baptiz’d

    23. William Parkman was ad-

    mitted into full Communion.

    March 16. Lucy, wife of Moses, Sever,

    was admitted to full Communion.

    23. The Lords Supper was administd


    Sarah, of Saml junr & Abigl Forbes. bapt.

      A Letter bearing date, Rutland District

    March 11. 1766. Signd by John Caldwell and

    12 more, brethren of ye Chh there, requestg

    assistance in Council on Apr. 2 next, on acct

    of Difficultys among ym having been

    read last Lords Day, & left to Considn

    was now read again; and it was put to

    ye Brn to manifest whether yy wd comply

    wth ye Request of Said Letter; but there was

    no Vote.

    Apr. 27. Joseph, of Capt Jonas & Persis, Brigham, bapt.

    by Rev. Mr Stone in ye Pastors absence.

    May 4. The Lords Supper was admind


    June 1. Benjamin-Lazedell, of John

    & Martha Wood, baptizd.

    15. The Lords Supper was adminisd


    29. Martha, of Thomas & Martha Tem-

    ple was bapt. at their House. The Child

    being judgd to be just departing. A No of

    ye Chh & other Neighbours were present.

    The woman had ownd ye Covt at Framing-

    ham & enjoyd privilege there. This was

    certifyd by Rev. Mr Bridge, Pastr

    NB The child ^ expird before night. ___

    ^ revivd

    a little,

    July 27. The Lds Supper was admind