____Chh - Records.

    Prayer & the Blessing concluded the



    Nov. 30. The Lds Supper admind

    Decr 14. Saml of Joseph & Sarah, Grout, bapt.

    _____  28. Phebe, of James & Eliz. Miller

    & Nehemiah, of Ebr & Hannah Miller


    ^ Brn of ye

    The ^ Chh were stopd, and a Letter was

    communicated to them from ye Chh & In-

    Letter concg

    habitants of Walpole in New-Hamp.

    ye Ordn of

    shire bearing Date Nov. 29. 1766: re-

    Mr Fessenden

    questing Assistce in ye Ordn of Mr Thos

    Fessenden, on Jan. 7, next.  But wn it was

    put to Vote whether ye Chh wd comply wth yeir

    Request?     It passd in ye Negative __

    by Reason of ye grt Distance & Rigor of ye


    Our Brother Moses Twitchel hav.

    ing removed to ye Eastward, to a place

    called New Boston, & desiring yt he

    & his Wife may be dismissd to ye Chh

    in New Gloucester, of wc Rev. Mr Saml

    Foxcroft is Pastor, being near to ym

    his Request was voted in ye Affirm.


    Jan. 11. Constantine, of Constantine

    & Jemima Hardy, was baptized.

    Feb. 22.  Mary, of Jonn & Hannah Grout, bapt.

    > March 15. Susanna Parkman was ad-

    mitted into full Communion wth the Chh.


    The Lords Supper was administred. &

    William, of James & Mary Bowman, bapt.

    29. James-Swain, of Hanh & Abigl Parker, bapt.

    Apr. 23. After ye LectƐ ye Chh was stopd

    & after prayr was read a paper wc con-

    taind an agreemt betw. Timothy Warrin

    & his wife & the Pastor.  and thereto ye


    > March 1.  Preserved, Son of Artemas &

    Mary Bruce was baptizd by Rev. Martyn