Chh Records.


    Complaints, it is best to entreat any person or persons yt

    shd offer at this juncture ^ to forbear for this Communion, or

    ^ whether of

    till we cd be better Satisfyd concerning ye Grounds of their

    one party

    grt Troubles and Disorders there.

    or ye other,

    March 4. Being a tedious Storm of Snow, but


    few came to Meeting, and among those who were

    absent was the Deacon who had provided the

    Elements for ye Lords Supper; So that we were

    prevented the Administration yrof _____________

    __  11. The Sacrt of ye Ls Supper was admd


    Pm. The pastor askd (and obtaind) ye Concurrence of ye

    Chh to his Baptizing in ye North part of ye town, wn

    Children are offerd there. and particly ^he Signifyd the

    desire of John McAllister yt his Child might be

    baptizd ye next Lords Day there in Case ye pastor shd


    then preach on ye North side; & yre was no objection.

    18. At Nathl Oakes, where ye Assembly was held

    on ye north side of ye Town, ye follg Children were Baptd

    Benjamin, of John & Margaret McAllister &

    Nathan, of John & Jemima Caruth.

    April 1. Samuel of Joseph & Dor: Thurston

    & John & Samuel, of John & Mercy Chamberlain (who had ownd

    were baptized.

    ye Covt at Leicester)

    ___ 12. Being publick Fast, Thankfull Rice

    (the wife of Josiah Rice) offerd an humble & voluntary

    Confession of her sin of Drinking to Excess,__


    and was by Vote of the Chh restord. ______

    22. Sacrt of ye Lds Supper administred.


    Pm. Jonathan Cutting and Sarah his wife ownd the

    Covt ___

    Timothy, of Eliezar & Persis Rice

    Rebecca, of Timothy & Rebec Warrin     baptized__

    Josiah, of Jonathan & Sarah Cutting

    June 3. Elizabeth of Benj. & Tabitha How bapt.

    10. The Sacrt was administred - but


    preceeding it Sarah, ye Wife of Capt Daniel