_Chh – Records.


    Deacon, instd of ^ Deacon Tainter

    ^ ye late

    deceasd. The vote, by a grt majority,

    was for Benjamin Wood.

    Then ^ Persons were appted by Vote, to ac-

    ^ two

    quaint him with it. viz Brothers

    John Cushg & Francis Whipple (Esq).

    also two were appted to accquaint Mrs

    Andrews wth what ye Chh had done wth regard

    to her. They were Brrs Gale, & Levi Brigh.

    __ with Prayr & Blessg ye Meetg finishd. ___

    June 14. The Lds Supper was admind


    Hannah, of Jonn & Joanna Fay, &

    Ebenezer & John, of Paul & Hannah Biglow,

    were baptizd.

    July 19. Moses, of Ebenr & Sarah Maynd bapt.

    ____ 22. The Chh was desird to tarry after

    the LectƐ and ^ recd the Ansr of Brother

    ^ the Chh

    Wood, which was, Acceptance of it.


    26. Joseph of Paul & Hannah Biglow bapt.

    their Choice

    The Lords Supper had been administred to day.

    of him,

    Aug. 2. Abner-Warrin, of Seth & Sarah

    by an una-

    Morse, was baptizd.


    23. Stephen, of Barnabas & Eunice Newton

    vote, yy

    was baptizd by ye Rev. Mr Hutchinson.

    30. Abigail, wife of John Fessenden

    was admitted into full Communion.

    Sept. 6. Administrn of ye Lords Supper.


    Katharine, of John & Abigl Fessenden, bapt.

    Oct. 4. Daniel, of Sol. & Mary Miller &

    Elizth of John & Abigail Fessenden___     bapt.

    11. Fortunatus, of Abigail Lock baptizd

    by the Rev. Mr Nathan Stone. ___

    25. The Chh Stayd & a Letter from North-


    borò Signd by Jonn Livermore, Paul


    Newton & Jacob Rice, dated Oct. 14.