we would meet ^ with other Chhs wc yy had

    ^ on July 13.

    Sent to, yt as an Ecclesl Council ^ we might

    advise and Direct them under yeir grievous Dif=

    :ficultys __ Our Chh Voted Compliance wth

    yeir Request and yt Brr Joseph Wheeler

    be the Delegate of this Chh to go wth the

    Pastor upon the Said Occasion

    2. At ye Request of Eleven Brethren who

    desird our Brr Peres Rice might be calld to

    ^ & to give

    acct for ^ his Reasons why he did not Joyn

    to the Chh of Cht in Sutton.  Secondly to

    reconsider that Vote which our Chh did

    pass Some time agoe in the Dismission of

    or Brr Peres Rice in the Circumstances yt he

    was then in.

    The said request bore Date June 11.

    1736. and was Signd by Josiah Newton, Joshua

    Townsend, Thomas Newton, Francis Whipple for

    ye first Article, Saml Fay junr David Maynard,

    Edward Baker, James Ball, John Pratt, Jonn For-

    bush, John Graves.  & NB. Brr Rice now present.

    Upon this matter ye Chh Voted

    1. Satisfaction with ye Reasons wc Brr Peres

    Rice has now given in, & yt it Shd be so represent

    :ed to the Chh of Sutton, yt we are Satisfyd ____

    Voted, 2.  A Confirmation of that vote of ye Chh (passd

    March 19. 1734. Wrby Br Peres Rice was dismis:

    :sed to Sutton, and likewise Satisfaction, upon

    the ansrs wc Brr Rice has given about ye Article

    of the Neglect of ye Baptism of one of his Children

    amongst us ______

       NB. The first of these votes (of Satisfaction wth

    Brr Rice’s Reasons &c) Stands good upon Condition

    yt Brr Rice do join hims. to Sutton Chh in Case he

    finds yt he abides in that Town; or keep ye Same Chh Order in Case he removes otherwhere_______