_Chh – Records.___

    June 2. Lydia Morse, wife of Seth_

    Morse, was admitted into full Communion.

    Jason, of Ebenr &

    Chamberlain, baptd

    June 16. (wc is 58 years since I

    gave my Ansr to ye Town’s Call to ye Ministry)


    The Lords Supper was administred.

    July 7. Elijah, of James & Mary Bowman bapt.

    by ye Rev. Mr Sumner of Shrewsbury


    ___ 28. The Sacrt of ye Supper admind

    Aug. 4. Sarah, of Stephen&

    Cook bapt.

    ^ Brn of ye

    ____ 11. The ^ Chh wase Stopd __

    The Chh

    A Request from Brother Danl

    Stopt; Mr

    Adams to be dismissd & recommend-


    ed to ye Chh in Hopkinston, read.


      An Addess to ye Chh from Sister

    of Dismis-

    Persis Adams, read.


    ___ Voted that there be a Chh-

    Meeting, at which these Papers

    are to be considerd.

    ____Voted yt it be (Gad is willing)

    on ye next thursday come Sên-

    night at 2 ‘o clock P.M. at

    this place. Each party to be

    faithfully notifyd.

    ___ Voted that Deacon Hawes do

    go to Brr Adams to acquaint him

    with what ye Chh has done, & Serve

    him with a Copy of his Wife’s Paper

    wc was read to day.

    _____ The Blessing concluded.