Chh Records


    concerning my conduct when

    Transacting business in behalf of Ado.

    -nijah Rice with the Select Men in

    which I have been supposed by many

    to have Transgressed the Truth ____

    I Acknowledge myself out of ye

    way in Answering the Select Men

    when Asked by them whether I

    had paid ye whole face of a Note agt sd Reces Estate

    in favor of Doct Daniel Brigham. to which

    I hastely Replied in ye Affermative, whereas ye

    Cercumstances demanded a Negative, on

    account of which Affermative. I gave ye

    Select Men just Reason to suspect my

    Veracity, have exposed myself to ye

    Your Christian Resentment.___ am

    sorry therefor, & now ask Your for-

    -givness & Charity __  James Hawes

    which is put on file __

    The Chh Voted to Accept the Above

    as satisfactory.  then the Meeting

    was Dissolved

    Att  Elijah Brigham Clk