__Chh – Records._


    Oct. 2. Joseph, of Barachias & Zerv. Morse, bapt.

    ___ 16. The Chh was desird to tarry __

    A Letter from ye Chh of Ashburnham

    Ordn of

    desiring assistance in the Ordn of our

    Mr John

    Brr Mr John Cushing, on Nov. 2.


    Read, & Compliance voted – yt yre

    be two Delegates – Brr Whipple (viz.

    Francis Esq.) to be one: & Brr Benj.

    Tainter to be ye other.

    30. The Chh were detaind ^ by ye Blessing,

    ^ after

    First, to transfer ye Relation wc or Brothr

    John Cushing bears to this Chh to the

    Chh of Ashburnham, & yt he be recommend-

    ed to ye work to which he is there called.

    Secondly, Brr Whipple desird to be ex-

    cusd from going to Ashburnham; giving his

    reasons __ and Deacon Wood was chose

    in his stead.

    Nov. 6. Samuel-Robinson, of Edmund and

    Hannah Rice, was baptizd by Rev. Mr Sumner.

    ___ 13. James, of James & Mary, Bowman, bapt.

    20. The Lords Supper was administred.


    Dec. 4. Mindwell, of Joseph & Sarah, Grout, bapt.

    by rev. Mr Stone of Southboro.

    Jan. 8. 1769. Abigail, of Samuel


    & Eliz. Fay, baptizd. His 22d Child.

    Feb. 5. Mary & Abigail, of Artemas

    & Mary Bruce, Twins, bapt.

    19. John, of Thads & Hannah Warrin, bapt.

    March 12. Nathan of Moses & Lucy Sever, &

    John-Smith, of Thomas & Anne Whitney,

    (wo had ownd the Covt in Shrewsbury)

    were baptizd.

    19. Martha, of Thos & Martha Temple, bapt.

    NB The Lords Supper had been administred.