March 15. The Sacramt administrd

    Apr. 5. Rachel, of Josiah & Ruhamah Newton

    Kezia, of Josiah & Thankfull Rice, &


    Paul, of Cornelius & Mary Bigloe

    12. Elijah, of Jedidiah & Abigail How &

    Elizabeth, of Benjamin & Jane Lawrence.



    26. The Lords Supper administred ____

    May. 3 Eli, of Nathl & Mary Whitney

    Sarah, of Beriah & Mary Rice


    May 31. Levi, of Jonah & Elizabeth Warrin

    David, of Gershom & Hannah Fay &


    David, of David jr & Ann Maynard

    June 7. Ruth, of Stephen & Ruth Fay, bapt.

          28. David & Dinah Goodenow offerd an

    acknowledgmt to ye Chh for their Neglect ___

    [crossed out word] of ye Ordce of Baptism. and of ye

    public worship in Genl for wc yy freely askd for

    givss of God & of ye Chh.  Upon wc yy were restord.

    And their son Jonathan was baptized.


    There having been Complaint against Cornelius

    Cook for undue Conduct and Language; and no suf

    ^ improvd as

    :ficient Methods ^ to transact this affair in ye Chh


    his wife Eunice desird baptism for her Child

    and it was accordingly granted wth express Men

    :tion that it was upon the Right of ye Mother.

    The Name, Sarah. ________

    July 26. Benjamin and Martha Fay were ad=

    =mitted into ye Chh ___


    The Lords Supper was administred &

    Elizabeth, of Benjamin & Martha Fay, bapt.


    _28. Seth, of Danl junr & Hannah Warrin

    was baptiz’d__ This was at ye House of said

    Warrin, ye Child being exceeding week & feeble

    and in grt Danger of Death.  And a Number of ye

    Members of Westboro & Shrewsbury Chh were

    present, wo were advising & concurring in the

    Administration NB The Said Child dyd the

    next Day after it was baptizd ____