Dec: 31.  Elizabeth, Daûter

    of Ebenezer & Hannah Parkman

    was baptized. _____


    Jan: 20. At the Urgent Request of Brr

    Daniel Warrin, upon Consideration of ye

    illness of his Child and there being a grt

    Congregation of Pple, at his House on Oc

    :casion of his wife’s Funeral, I baptizd

    the Child by the name of Submitt.

    ____ 21. Lucy, of Eleazar & Sarah Bellows bapt.

    Feb. 18. Lois, of Nathl & Mary Whitney

    Mary, of James & Lydia Fay


    Joseph, of Jonn & Eunice Flagg


    March 4. The Lords Supper was administred.

    _______  John, son of Josiah & Ruhumah Newton, bapt.

    Apr: 8. Solomon, of David & Ann Maynard, bapt.

    ___ Hannah, the Wife of Daniel Warrin junr (of

    Shrewsbury) was admitted into full Communion.


    15. The Lords Supper was administred.

    Pm. Mary, of Silas & Mindwell Brigham bapt.

    May. 6. Benjamin, of Aaron & Hephz. Hardy, bapt.

    ___13. Reuben son ^ of Jonn & Judith Bellows &

    Paul, of Cornelius Biglow, who had ownd


    the Covt at Grafton _____

    June 3. Ebenezer, of Jonn & Lydia Goodenow,

    Mary, of Beriah & Mary Rice, &             bapt.

    Susanna, of Thomas & Sarah Bruce

    ____10. Benjamin Thurston Voted to be dismissd &

    recommended to ye Chh of Cht in Uxbridge. _____


    The Sacramt of ye Supper adminstred.

    24.  Katharine of Aaron & Susanna Forbush bapt.

    July 1. Josiah, of Joshua & Mercy Townsend bapt.