Chh Records

    And said he was sensible of his

    defecency in Duty__ and hope to

    have doubts removed from his Mind

    and by the Grace of God enabled to come

    to his Duty ___  And likewise he says

    in Audience of the Chh that he

    is heartily sorry for a Breach

    of Sabbath of which he guil has

    been guilty__ on a/c of which he

    asks the forgiveness of this Chh

    for the Offence __ Whereupon

    the Chh voted there Satisfaction

    The Committee proceed further in

    Relating to the Chh what they met

    with. and say that Nathan May

    __ nard (who is in Covenant) informd

    them the Reason why he had neglectd

    to come to the Ordinances ^ of ye Supper was because

    he could not find those Evidences

    within him that he thot requisite

    and necessary – Thankd them for their

    Care &c ____  Others to the like import