_Chh - Records.


    Aug. 25. 1755. The Chh met (having been

    Chh Meetg

    timely warnd) to hear a Complaint Signed

    on ye Affair

    by Ebenr Chamberlin & Mary (Wife of Itha-

    of Sister

    mar) Bellows, and bearing Date July 18 last,


    against Judith (wife of Jonathan) Bellows,


    all of them members of this Chh. Setting forth

    in substance, yt ye sd Judith hath walked

    very Disorderly & Contrary to ye Rules of the

    Gospel __ In particular, respecting her Daûter

    Comfort, who had Confessd her taking away

    certainThings from a Nr feloniously

    & yt her Mother wd not let her return sd

    Things wn She would have done it: & yt sd Com-

    fort also declard her Mother had burnt ym


    The complaint exhibited also yt sd Judith

    was guilty of False speaking about

    those things ____ &c. After Prayr the

    Complaint was read, & ye Partys respectively, & the

    were fully heard __ ye Chh voted,


    1. respecting ye first part of ye Complaint,

    yt  altho we cannot Say She is guilty of

    Burning the Things referrd to in ye Com-

    -plaint, yet we find upon all yt has been

    Said, that She has Conducted in a very

    Evil manr respecting her Daûter undr her

    guilt; and in that whole Affair respecting

    Said Things. &

    2.  Voted, as to the Second part of ye Complaint,

    namely, her False speaking, that it is


    This was voted universally.

    The pastor read these votes to Sd Sister Judith,

    & Solemnly laid the Evil before her, & Call’d

    her to Repce __   Then ye meeting concluded

    with Prayer, & the Blessing. _____________