July 4. The Sacramt of ye Lords Supr was administd

    & John, ye Son of James & Mary Maynard, was


    ______ 25. Nahum, son of James & Sarah, Ball, &

    John, son of John Dantforth was (by the Rev Mr

    Cushing in my Absence) Baptized. ______________

    August 8. Jennet Dauter of John and

    Margarett McCollister was baptized. &

    Ruth (the wife of Increase) Ward was ad

    :mitted into our Communion


    _____ 15. The Sacramt was Administred.

    p.m. Samuel, ye Son of Samuel & Tabitha Hardy

    was baptized. _______


    Sept. 26. The Sacramt of the Lds Supper was

    administred. & Pm

    pm Lydia the Dauter of Ebenezer &

    Mary Parkman was baptized ___

    Octob. 31. Sarah, the Dauter of Josiah and

    Ruhamah Newton; Ephraim, the son of Ephraim

    & Susanna Allen; & Mary, the Dauter of Eleazar

    junr & Sarah Bellows, were baptized. ____


    Nov. 7. The Lords Supper was administred. &

    Martin, ye son of Jedidiah & Abigail How, (who

    ^ ye late time of

    had in ^ my illness and Absence sometime been pro

    ^ & submitted ^ now to

    pounded at Marlborough & had own’d ye Covt

      our Discipline,

    there ^) was baptized.        This Same Day

    (Nov. 7.) I stopd ye Chh to invite and Call upon

    ym to solemnize a Fast with ye Association of Mi

    :nisters in This place; for ye Revival of Religion

    and obtaining a Blessing on ye Rising Genern as

    had been Done in Congregns round about

    and on ye Sabbath following [torn] viz.

    (Nov: 14.) The Congregn was invited also, &

    Earnestly calld upon to attend ye Same (This latter was

    done by Mr Blunt wo preachd in my Room on yt day)

    and accordingly on ye