Chh in Marlborough, were ad=

    :mitted into our Communion

    Sept. 28.  Marshal The Son of

    Obadiah & Abigail Newton was

    baptized _____

    October 5.  The Sacramt of


    the Lords Supper was administred.

    Nov: 9. Hannah, Dauter of

    John (junr) and Hannah Fay,

    was baptized. _____

    Jan. 11. 1730. Samuel, the


    Son of Jonah & Elizabeth

    Warrin; & Edmund ye Son

    of Seth & Dorothy Rice,

    were baptiz’d by ye Rev Mr

    Barrett, being my Self Confin’d

    by my Infirmities. _______________

    March 22.  Rebecca, Dauter

    of Aaron & Susanna Forbes,

    was baptized. _______

    (NB Publick

    ________29. Abigail, daûter

    Fast, on

    of Hezekiah & Elizabeth How;

    Apr. 2, Elijah

    & Anna, daûter of Nathl

    Son of Eleazar

    & Mary Whitney were baptiz’d.

    & Sarah

    Apr. 12. Jonathan, Son of


    Jonathan & Abigail Liver=

    was baptizd