_Chh – Records.

    May 19. Richard, of Thos & Martha

    Temple, & Silas of Constantine &

    Jemima Hardy, were baptizd.

    ====== The Chh was detaind, & a Pa-

    per signd by Levi & Beborah Warrin

    & dated Apr. 30, was communicated.

    Then it was put to vote

    ^ wth those

    Whether ye Chh was satisfyd ^ and


    were willing yy shd enjoy special

    Privileges? it passd in ye Affirmative.

    26. Noadiah, of Saml & Eliz. Fay, bapt.

    June 2. Levi Warrin, & Deborah

    his Wife were admitted into Church

    Fellowship, and Olive their Daûter

    was baptiz’d.

    12. The Chh was Stayd to consider whe-

    ther  it was not necessary to have more per-

    sons to lead in the singing.

    Voted to have more. ____ But the Choice

    of ye persons was deferrd; willing yt ye Congre

    gation Shd have some Voice in this matter.

    16. Solomon & Jemima Woods

    confessd the Sin of Fornication. They

    were restord to Charity; ownd the Covt

    & their Child, Jonas, was baptizd.


    NB The Lords Supper had been admind also.

    27. The Chh were Stopd after LectƐ

    to young people, according to ap-

    pointmt on last Lords Day, to

    choose a No of those wo are to lead

    in ye Singing: and that we might

    have peace & Harmony, ye Chh

    condescended that the Congregations,

    Males, of ye Age of 21 Years, might

    have Liberty to join wth ym therein.