Chh  Records.


    April 15.  The Chh met According

    to Adjournment. had Some Conversation

    Relative to Deacon Hawes in the Affair

    between him & the Select Men ____

    Deacon Hawes present. Acknowledges

    himself to have (thro inadvertencey)

    Done wro that which gave just

    Reason to his Brethren to Suspect his

    Veracity__.  The Chh Vote not satisfied

    Then Voted to adjourn the Meeting

    one fortnight from ye 19th current

    2 oClock PM viz to May ye 2d___

    April 19. being the Sabbath the

    Lords Supper ^was Administred______

    Gershom Brigham Jur and his Wife Esther

    were Admitted to full Communion withe

    ye Chh. Also Huldah Miller, After

    humbling herself for ye Sin of Fornication

    ____was Admitted to full communion ____

    Also Elijah, of Moses & Lydia Wheelock

    Nathaniel, of Gershom & Esther Brigham

    and Zeruiah of Huldah Miller were

    Baptized by ye Rev Elisha Fish