and Damaris Bradish; &

    Benjamin, Son of Simon &

    Rebecca Tainter were bapti

    :zed. ________

    June 18. Miriam daûter of

    James & Mary Maynard was

    baptized. ____


    25. The Holy Communion

    was celebrated.  &

    Susanna dauter of Nathan & Mary

    Ball was baptized. _____________

    July 30th Lydia the Daughter of

    William & Rebecca Nurse was baptized.


    August 13. The Holy Communion

    was Celebrated.


                 20. Samuel ye Son of Nehemi

    :ah & Margarett How of Hassinemisco (but

    member of Sudbury Chh) was Baptized:

    as was Daniel the son of James and

    Sarah Miller. ___

        August 27.  Ebenezer The Son of

    Ebenezer & Mary Parkman, was

    Baptized. as was Aaron the son

    of Joseph & Elizabeth Wheeler,

    at the Same time. _____________

    Sept: 10. Eleazah Beeman & Hannah

    his Wife owned the Covenant and

    Abraham their Son was baptized.__

    17. Josiah Rice & Thankfull

    his wife owned the Covenant & Joseph

    their son was Baptized. ____

    24 Eunice Pratts Confession & Rela

    ^Church &

    :tion were read to the ^ Congregation & She

    was Restored & admitted into our Communion

    and Her sons Moses & Isaac & her Daûter

    Mary were Baptized. _____

    October 1. The Lords Supper was admi-

    :nistred. Obadiah Newton & Abigail his wife

    owning the Covenant, were Confirmed &