May 4. Jonathan Livermore &

    Abigail his wife (being dismissd from

    the Chh in the West Precinct in Waterton)

    were admitted into our Communion

    _____ 11. Hannah, Daûter of Jonathan and

    Hannah Forbush,

         Ephraim, Son of Peres & Lydia

    Rice, & Francis, Son of Hezekiah and

    Abigail Ward, were baptized. ______

      The Same Day the Sacramt of ye Lords


    Supper was administred among us. __

    18. Agnes Thornton was

    dismissed from our Communion

    (upon her requesting ye Same)

    at the Removal of her abode

    out of Westborough into Wor


    The Same Day the Request of

    John McColaster to have his

    Twin Infants Baptizd in his own

    House was offered ye Chh & Congre

    :gation  The Grounds of Private

    Baptism in Cases of Extremity Shewn

    (thò briefly) from John 4.21, 23. 1 Cor:1, 2.

    & Acts, 16, 13.  An hint of ye Practice

    of the Chh of Cht abroad & in our own

    Land hereupon; And the Reasons yt

    evidence this Present Case to be Such

    as may (upon those Grounds warrant

    Private Baptism; namely the Smallness

    feebleness & Sickliness of ye Children &

    questionableness whether they will live,