To the Reverend Benja Wood mo-

    derator of the Church in Westborough.

    Whereas the said Chh did on

    the 25 Octor last vote to have a chh

    meting held immediately after the ex-

    ercises of their next preparatory, lecture

    were concluded.

    you are requested

    to lay the following articles before them,

    for their consideration, & to act upon.


    To hear the request of our Sister

    Cobb, and to take any Steps concerning

    her which duly requires__.


    To see if the Chh think it expedient

    to take any measures to know whi-

    ther any Mr Robinsons recomendation

    from this chh, which was read be-

    fore the ecclesiastical council on the

    first day of Octo last was agreable to

    the recomendation voted by this Chh.

    or act any thing relative thereto.


    To see if it be the minds to choose

    a Treasurer.

    James Hawes

    Daniel Chamberlin

    Westboro December 9 1807