____Chh - Records._


    April 7.  Samuel & Susanna Baker having

    removed their dwelling to Bolton, and desiring

    that their Relation to us might be transferrd to

    the Chh in Said Bolton, their Request was Voted

    accordingly. _________

      The Lords Supper was administred. &


    __ 14. ^ Artemas, of Ephraim and Mary Bruce, bapt.

    ___ 21. Joseph & Sarah Bowker having re-

    -movd their Habitation to Summers, & re-

    -questing their Relation to us might be

    transferrd to Them, their Request was Voted

    & yt a Letter of Dismission & recommendn

    be written in ye name of ye Chh to ye Pastor of ye

    chh in Summers accordingly _____

    28. Abigail Gale, the Wife of Abi-

    jah Gale, made profession of the Christian

    Religion, and was baptized.

    & Charles Brigham Esqr was dismissd

    to the Chh in Grafton &

    Jonas Warrin & Lydia his Wife were dis-

    missd to the Chh in Upton

    May 19.  A Letter from ye Chh of Upton was

    Letter from

    read desiring assistce in ye Ordination of Mr

    Upton ___

    Elisha Fish on June 5th next: & ye Request therein

    was voted.  Voted to send Two Delegates

    with the Pastor.  Voted yt Brr Nathl Whitney_

    be one. Voted yt Justice Baker be ye other.

    ____ 26. Chh was stopd & a Letter from Mr

    Beriah Rice & his Wife now dwelling at Upton

    requesting Dismission from this Chh to ye Chh

    there __ Read; & voted ye request be complyd wth

    ====The Sacrt of ye Lords Supper had been adminis-


    tred the same Day.

    June 16. Mary, of Eleazr &Mercy Wms

       & Sarah of Moses & Mehit. Brigham            bapt.

        30. Elijah, of Levi & Susanna Brigham, bapt.