him therefrom ___ This is to be understood

    to be till Suitable Satisfaction be given the

    Chh respecting his Conduct; or a regular

    Hearing of his Affair obtaind, where

    he more particularly Stands related.

    In order to which, and that this Chh might

    acquit themselves in the Duty incumbent on ym

    The Chh Voted again,

    That the Chh of Cht in Marlborough be informd


    that one of their Members had offended

    this Chh, namely Mr Samuel Fay; and that

    we were ready upon proper Occasion afford

    :ed to render our Reasons thereof

    The Chh came also into another Vote

    very unanimously & even universally res:

    :pecting Chh Vessels.  Viz.

    That a Sufficient Contribution be made

    not only for Two more Tankards, but also

    for a Baptism=Bason.

    After Prayer ye Chh was dismissd.

    Nov. 26. The Sacramt of ye Lords Supper adminisd


    p.m. Mary, of John & Rebecca Hicks bapt.

    Dec: 17. The Chh was stopd after meeting on

    the request of Mr Samuel Fay, brought by

    Ensign Thomas Forbush, to read to the Chh

    an acknowledgmt ^ of his offence in hinder

    ^ Signd by

    :ing his Wife from coming to our Communion;


    which accordingly was read; and the Chh

    voted acceptance So far as respected

    that matter.____________