Chh.  Records


    Sept 28.

    being the Sabbath the Chh tarry after pub

    -lic Service & Appoint a Chh Meeting at ye

    Meeting House. on Monday 29 int as at

    one oClock P.M. for the purpose of

    giving a Candidate a Call to the Work

    of the Gospel Ministry ______

    Then Voted that the Revd Mr Sumner

    be Applied too. to Moderate the Meeting

    Monday 29.  Met According to Appointment

    Meeting Opened by Prayer by Revd Mr

    Sumner – Then the Chh Voted to pro-

    __ ceed to a Choice of a Pastor. & made

    Choice by written Votes of Mr John Robbinson

    by a  Unanemous Vote 35 Members

    present. & was declared a Vote _____


    Voted to make Choice of a Committee-

    Consisting of three to Wait on the SelectMen

    and request that they call a ^Town Meeting as

    soon as may be to see if the Chh ^Town will

    Concur with the Chh in giving Mr John

    Robbinson a Call to Settle in the Work

    of the Gospel Ministry in this place ____

    & that. Br Elijah Brigham

    Abijah Gale

    James Hawes be a Committee.

    Then the meeting was dissolved.

    E Brigham Clk